I wanted to complete a castle scene under a week, with all the basic environment scene setup: foreground middle ground, and background, common stuff. However I did want to learn how to implement PBR textures into an Arnold render, which has been tricky but forcing me to multitask and develop new material building skills in a different hyper shade setup. A lot of problems that persisted with general glitches and bugs perpetuated within Maya. Besides that, its been one of my favorite scenes to put together!

Made with Maya, Rendered with Arnold, and Post Image made in Photoshop.

Most of these are my Arnold render passes, first starting out with a basic block out on how i’d like my objects set up.Castle_Blockout

Then added textures and UVd some of the primitive shapes.Castle_Blockout2

Modeling out the side of the cathedral wall pillars, adding polygonal details.


Adding Vegetation png in the foreground, and a city png in the background.


Adding more detail to the upper half of the side wall.


Adding Arch Doorways in the distant castle walls.


Adding Final polygonal details to the tower, and changing the material roughness.



Ambient Occlusion and Wireframe Render


Final Image


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